Common Room Recording Grant


Applications will begin when the grant has been fully funded. for now, DOWNLOAD THE appLICATION FORM here.


UPDATE (07.29.19) - We want to send out a huge amount of love and gratitude to everyone that attended our CRRG Kickoff in Abbotsford this weekend; we’re so thrilled to have raised $1600 towards the grant, pushing us past the halfway point in just one night! To all the artists that performed, and to the people who donated their money and time to help support this project, we can’t thank you enough. There’s more work to be done to fund this grant, so tell your friends about the project, share our Fundrazr link on social media, and if you haven’t yet, donate here.

The Common Room Music Collective was launched in 2018 in an effort to provide a safe and supportive network of local Fraser Valley artists.  The goal was simple; bring makers together, have them share their craft and encourage collaboration. Now, after a year of performances, events and workshops it has become ever the more clear that we have been surrounded by talent all along.  All they needed was a place to play. The community support Common Room has received wildly surpassed any hopes we could have foreseen and for all of that we are deeply grateful.

The time has come to give back.  

As artists ourselves, we understand the value of content.  The undercurrent of every audience we've gathered has been process.  The words, "What are you working on?" ring loudly in the hallways and kitchens where we assemble.  It is understood amongst us that what we've all come to contribute is unfinished and rough. But that's why we're here.  

So many of us are close to what it is we want to achieve. Unfortunately, oftentimes the greatest obstacle between the art we so painstakingly make and the prospect of it ever being heard on mass are the funds to make it happen.         

To this, we are proposing a locally crowdfunded $2500.00 Recording Grant.

Here's how it works…

Through word-of-mouth, events and partnerships with local businesses we intend to continuously raise money for Fraser Valley artists in need.  Once the $2500.00 mark has been reached members of our community will have the opportunity to apply for the assistance. An artist will be chosen by jury process and awarded the Common Room Recording Grant (CRRG).  Once this has been completed, we do it again.

And again, and again...

Applicants will only be selected once.  We intend to help as many artist as we can.  

The criteria

  • Applicants must live in the Fraser Valley.

  • Applicants must have a proposed recording project ready-to-go or be in the process of recording a project.

  • Applicants must submit a detailed form (provided by Common Room) outlining their intended recording project.

  • Applicants must be unsigned and independently financed.

That's it.  Let's make it happen.